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My “Pick-Me-Ups” and Rewards

Reading Philofaxy today, I saw a comment from Butanben, requesting people share lists of ideas about “pick me ups / rewards / good to self” activities. As it happens, I have been using one for quite some time! This list stems from a time when I was trying to think of ways to reward myself that weren’t necessarily decadent desserts or expensive splurges. After all, I realized — about 20 pounds too late ::cough::cough — that a “treat” isn’t really a treat if you have them once or twice a day! Nor is it very fun to buy a special goodie only to face the stress of a credit card bill at the end of the month.

Here’s my list:

photo (5)

I keep this in a section that also houses some other helpful reminders. Maybe I’ll share those tomorrow.