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My Filo Storage

You may have noticed that most of my photos are taken on my kitchen table. This is, in part, because I keep my Filo supplies – and currently unused Filos – on an IKEA Expedit shelf next to our dining area. It’s a handy spot to work because I can enjoy a little natural light, and I have a good view if I want to ensure the kids aren’t plotting anything. Actually, my kids are pretty darn good; mostly I just like to have a sense of activity in the house. Well…and this spot is near both an outlet for my laptop, not to mention the electric tea kettle and fridge. It’s the best of all worlds, especially when my dog Scout settles in near my feet.

FF Storage

Left to right, rear of shelf: Boxes holding spare inserts and dividers, my Wine Holborn Zip, Raspberry Finsbury, Purple Malden, Chocolate and Orchid Astons, and Dark Green Panama. In the front are my spare pen bag and Filofax supplies.

The boxes for the Finsbury and Aston A5s hold my extra pages and dividers. I keep a spare pen bag handy, and I have a Martha Stewart box filled with Post-Its, removable file tabs, and stickers.*¬†When I want to work on my Filofax, I just bring those two items down to the table and dig in. At the moment, I’m using my Ochre A5 Malden, so it stays¬†with me…not on the shelf.

As you can see, my collection is confined to a 15-inch cube. Since I’m not currently embellishing my Filofax pages, I don’t need tons of supplies. I may also – cough, cough – make the dubious claim that if I keep my collection contained in one measly cubby, I don’t have too much of a Filofax addiction.

*What you can’t see my is that my supply box also contains several notecards and envelopes, as well as some stickers/temporary tattoos. I write to one of my nieces or nephews each week. On Sundays, I transfer one of the cards/envelopes and a tattoo or sticker into my Filofax for the week. If I have a moment while waiting for carpool or an appointment, I can jot down a quick note and send a little goodie to them.

My Filofaxes and Friends

I have been playing with my Filofax collection since I received my A5 Ochre Malden yesterday afternoon.

I figured now would be a good time to share my entire assortment of Filos, along with a few paper friends.

My A5s: Raspberry Finsbury, Purple Malden, Chocolate Aston, Wine Holborn Zip, Ochre Malden. My Personals: Dark Green Panama and Orchid Aston. Friends: Two large Moleskine Cahier notebooks with leather covers by Renaissance Art Leather, small Moleskine, Mead monthly calendar, and pens.

My A5s: Raspberry Finsbury, Purple Malden, Chocolate Aston, Wine Holborn Zip, Ochre Malden. My Personals: Dark Green Panama and Orchid Aston. Friends: Two large Moleskine Cahier notebooks with leather covers by Renaissance Art Leather, small Moleskine, Mead monthly calendar, and pens.

My first two Filofaxes were the Panama (discovered on clearance in a stationary store in SoCal while traveling) and the Finsbury. I decided that the Finsbury didn’t have the feel and wear pleasurable enough for use as my main Filo, and while the Panama had great paper, it was too small to track my family and work schedules.

Since then, I actually moved to a cheap monthly calendar that I can carry either alone or with my Filo. The calendar square size was much more conducive to tracking events (at least with my handwriting). After reading other Filofax/paper planner blogs, I decided that my Filofax could serve more as a reference than the calendar I haul to all my appointments. I still carry my A5 most places, because I have several gargantuan tote bags that make it easy, but I’m able to leave it behind if I’m just having lunch with a friend.

I used the Orchid Aston (also purchased on sale) as a wallet for about 6 months. This was a great solution for me because I have a billion cards – library, loyalty, gift cards, university ID, you name it – and I prefer to have them on hand in case I make an unplanned stop. I’m now going to experiment with it for a week or two.

The Maldens are recent purchases, influenced by my desire to be able to carry my iPad mini with me. I started with the purple and decided to splurge on the Ochre because I think it may look better as it wears. For instance, I’ll carry my Malden and iPad with me to meetings tomorrow and Thursday. I also purchased the Holborn zip on sale a few weeks ago because the ability to have my pages enclosed was intriguing; many others described their satisfaction with the feel of the leather. It can also hold my iPad, though not in the pocket of the rear cover.

I opted to show you two other paper and leather treasures: My large Moleskine Cahier covers. One holds my daily journal, and the gorgeous blue one I use for notes at university and conference presentations. It feels luxurious and yet it’s not too expensive to fill with replacement notebooks. I purchased both online from Renaissance Art about 7-8 months ago, and I love them!

I included the small Moleskine because I’m contemplating using it for a GTD inbox. I’ll post about that experiment in the next few weeks. I also shared my (gasp) non-Filo calendar. You can see in the post below that it helps me track all my family and work events, and I love the larger calendar squares. The lack of spiral binding makes it perfect for tossing in my bag without fretting that something will be knocked out of alignment. My life doesn’t allow me to be too precious about things like calendars. It – by sheer happenstance – looks lovely with one of my pen bags. I appreciate pen bags because I change purses or carry a tote bag, transferring a large number of pens in seconds. This is especially helpful because I use color coding in my Mead planner.

Most of the time I use just one A5 and the calendar for my planning needs, but I just transferred all the pages related to my son’s health and our new gluten/dairy-free life into a separate A5. I’m not sure if this will be a permanent arrangement. I’m also experimenting with the personal for about two weeks to see if it works in combination with my Mead calendar, thus allowing me to savor the cotton cream.

There you have it. My Filos and friends. I never thought I’d be one to amass a “collection,” but I’m happy with what I have right now. My only wish is for Filofax to create A5 inserts in Cotton Cream!

A5 Collection