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Bullet Journal Record

I try to use one page per day for my bullet journal, and lately I’ve been experimenting with using the bottom of the page to record important stats. 


I plan to play around with this a little more, but I’m enjoying this little addition to my bullet journal.

Fenner CRAFTS Explorer II for My Bullet Journal

Once I decided that my bullet journal will be around for a while, I took the plunge and ordered a leather organizer that works with the system I’ve cobbled together.

I found this baby: the “Explorer II” by Fenner CRAFTS…an early birthday present, you might say. It holds the large Moleskine cahiers I prefer. I’m more than a little in love with this gorgeous, handcrafted notebook organizer.


I’m going to use one cahier notebook solely for my to-dos, modified bullet journal style.


I think I’ll add two additional notebooks:

  1. Personal and work notes in the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook
  2. Journal — A large cahier

When opened, you can see how it fits more than one notebook. There are four elastic straps, and it can comfortably hold up to four cahier notebooks, although since I’m using a hardbound Moleskine, 2 cahiers and the Evernote book seem to max it out.


On the left is my bullet journal for to-do lists. On the right is my work and personal journal in the hardbound Moleskine Evernote SMART notebook.

I’m experimenting with the hardbound notebook…it’s not what the organizer is designed to hold, but it seems to fit fine.


I’ve stuck with the bullet journal for months, and it’s the best system I’ve used…with some tweaks. As many people have mentioned, it doesn’t have the monthly calendar at a glance. I recently tried creating a handmade monthly calendar in a large squared cahier. Not my style. The daily blocks — 8×6 grid squares each — were too small for the way I use my monthly calendar. Back to my big ol’ calendar! Maybe it’s my western roots, but I need plenty of room to roam. Perhaps my calendar won’t be so packed when the kids are off to college, but I’ve got a while before that happens!

My pen tucks nicely in between the notebooks and the elastic strap around the center.

Profile pen EXP

I’m loving the use of one notebook for my to-dos, especially with the thin cahiers. While the Midori Travelers Notebook looks lovely, I wanted paper the size of the large cahiers.

I’ve added some photos for comparison with my poor, neglected A5 Malden (more on that later).



With one cahier and the Evernote notebook, it’s slightly thinner than my moderately stuffed Malden.

Malden EXPThe color is a rich chocolate brown, and the texture is smoother than my Malden. The cover is not as “floppy” as the Malden, although it is still flexible. It seems to be a bit narrower and taller, but the use of elastic in lieu of rings means the “usable” space is comparable. I had to make a decision that I’m going to allow this pretty cover to look lived in. It’s tempting to want this organizer to look as pristine as it did the day it arrived, but I’m going to let it age and reflect it’s usefulness.

MaldenEXPFinally, a comment on the excellent customer service from Fenner at Fenner CRAFTS. I received notice that my Explorer II had been shipped on April 4th. While I tried to be patient as it traveled from the U.K. to California, I e-mailed yesterday to inquire if they were able to track the package from their end. When the proprietor Fenner replied, we discovered that the USPS had attempted delivery on the 9th. Unfortunately, the postal employee had not left a note and it had been sitting in the Post Office for almost a week. Fenner was very timely and respectful in responding to my inquiry, even indicating that he would include the tracking number in future invoices. The notebook was packaged securely and arrived in beautiful condition.