Monthly Archives: March 2014


It’s odd how sentimental I can be about both form and function.

On the one hand, my bullet journal provides tremendous functionality and pleasure. It seems a bit counterintuitive that I feel a bound notebook provides more flexibility than my ring binder. I love not being confined to “sections.” I love not writing around the rings or worrying about preventing gaps in the rings. The size of the large Moleskine Cahier page works well, but is a slimmer profile than my A5 notebooks.

And yet…

Somehow I feel guilty for not using my Filofax binders. There is something lovely about the flexible cover of the Malden and the ability tuck objects securely into my Holborn zip. Plus, there’s the whole culture around ring binders. I feel a tad silly admitting that in writing. 

I haven’t posted much because this quarter has been truly hectic. Between my son’s journey to health and a major project that consumed weekends and evenings, as well as weekdays, my planner was 100 percent survival-oriented. Photos and posts were a bit beyond my capacity. 

Now…now we are almost a month into my son feeling fairly decent, and I just submitted the paper that had been hanging over my head for months. My qualifying examination – the day when I stand in front of six scholars and they determine my readiness to complete a dissertation – is in slightly less than 3 months. Life is still hectic, but I’m moving into a period where I think there’s time to employ strategy and time management, rather than frantically paddling to keep my head above water.

My bullet journal helped me make it through the past few months, and now I am going to take a day or two and revisit how I move forward.

I’ve missed the paper planning community. What a lovely time to step back and reboot.