Small Tweaks to My Bullet Journal

As I settle into my bullet journal, it has become clear that the unstructured pages suit me. I’ve started to tweak my system in small ways. It’s still simple, but I am making this my own.

Monday - Love the combination of the two tapes, but not how I use them. Ah, well. Live and learn.

   Live and learn. Monday’s layout didn’t work for me.

On Sundays, I have a weekly “launch” routine. I’ve written about this before, and my system is still going strong. Now I’m using the bullet journal instead of my Filofax, however, and I have taken to adding some Washi tape. Nothing over-the-top. Please note that I don’t have a lot added to my list of tasks for the week, because I like to plan out my day the night before. While the pages are relatively empty, I can guarantee they will fill up, since I put tasks both large and small on the pages.

My least favorite layout this week is Monday. It faces a page where I was trying to work out some logistical concerns, and I didn’t have a great vision for how to use the tape. Meh, it is what it is. Tuesday and Wednesday turned out much better, I think.

The Martha Stewart labels at Staples are very similar in color to the Moleskine paper.

The Martha Stewart labels at Staples are very similar in color to the Moleskine paper, so I had fun using them in this layout.

One of my small tweaks is listing the dinner plan for the night at the bottom of the page. I also created a log to track how many glasses of water I’ve consumed during the day. I plan to add notes that also track my spending for the day, since I carry this notebook everywhere, and I can tuck a receipt in there as soon as I make a payment or pay a bill.

For Thursday and Friday, I love the paisley Washi tape with a small strip of purple underneath. Simple and bold at the same time. It almost makes up for Monday’s disaster of a page!

I may have to repeat the paisley Washi tape sometime soon!

In addition to starting my lists for the week, I decorated some pages for two lists that I want to make…one for brainstorming family activities and one for travel. My husband and I are alternating weeks for one-on-one time with our kids, in addition to spending time together with all four of us. This weekend, I took my daughter bowling at the university’s student union. The lil’ stinker managed to beat me…legitimately! Next weekend, my husband will do something different with her, and I’ll do something with my son. As you can see, I haven’t added a lot; I’ll fill it out as the week progresses. On the other side is a space where I’ll brainstorm our family vacations. My husband and I spent an hour talking about our calendars yesterday, so here’s where I’ll put ideas for each of the vacation periods.

Ready to complete...I'll have fun with this during the week. Time to do a little dreaming!

Ready to complete…I’ll have fun with this during the week. Time to do a little dreaming!


12 thoughts on “Small Tweaks to My Bullet Journal

    1. Mary Post author

      I do pages for Mon-Fri on Sunday. I’ve been able to fit all my tasks for the day on one page, so I feel pretty comfortable pre-dating them. If I run into an issue, I may revisit it. Right now I’m having fun adding a few enhancements (maybe that will lose its appeal after a few weeks).

  1. Kelly Marriott

    Nice. Did you put the brainstorming pages right in with your your daily bullet pages? You don’t have a separate section of the book? Are you still using your Filo? Love your bullet pages!

    1. Mary Post author

      Thanks, Kelly. I don’t do a separate section of the book. That’s my interpretation of the bullet journal. The index helps me keep track of all the pages that aren’t daily to-dos/schedules. It’s a new way of thinking for me (not to sort things into sections), but I’m finding it oddly liberating 🙂

      At the moment, I’m using my Holborn for a Finance Filo, and my purple Malden holds work notes. My Ochre Malden has personal and family-related items like meal ideas, books to read, etc. To be honest, I’m neglecting my Filos at the moment. It may just be a honeymoon period…I’m enjoying the experiment at the moment.

    1. Mary Post author

      Good eye! It is a black FriXion erasable pen with an extra fine point. I bought the 6-color set (black, blue, red, green, purple, and pink).

      1. Mary Post author

        Hi Beth,
        They are erasable gel pens, and the ink disappears with heat (instead of an eraser, the pen has a soft tip on the cap that you rub over the ink and the friction erases it beautifully). I would not recommend it for things you’d like to keep forever, but it works well for my to-do lists!

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  3. SanSquared

    Miss Mary, I hope you don’t mind. I shared your post with a FB group DIY Planner & Organizers because I love the Bullet Journal System and use a slightly bit more color than you. 😉 But I love the simplicity of your pages but you have it filled out so beautifully, it’s stunning. Thanks for sharing this post with the World. 🙂


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