Bullet Journal – Going Strong

I have to admit…this bullet journal thing is very “me.”

I’ve been working on my bullet journal for a few weeks, and it is brilliant in its simplicity and functionality. This week, I even went a little out of my comfort zone and used Washi tape to accent the plain grid of my Moleskine planner. I know. Living on the edge.

I have included a few pages to give you a sense of how I’m currently using it.

IMG_4480First, the index/table of contents. This helps me locate specific lists not related to my daily planning. You can see that I’ve made notes about my monthly overview, kept records of my work meetings, noted books I’m reading, and more. To keep things uncluttered, I am not listing my daily “to-dos.” That’s what I use my bookmark for…

Here’s my week. Blurry, because…well…how interesting is my to-do list, really? I use dots for notes, circles for my events/appointments, and check/tick boxes for tasks. Today, I color-coded some notes about my children’s activities. The stars indicate my three “Most Important Tasks” (hat-tip, Zen to Done).

IMG_4477Since I had time on Sunday, I set up a few pages in advance…plus you can see some notes from Sunday with my Washi tape. I’ve posted them below. As for my A5 Maldens and Holborn Zip, I’ve been settling into my Finance Filo nicely. The Maldens have become binders with notes and references, but not my tasks and diary. Who knows how long my love affair with the Bullet Journal will last, but for right now, I’m loving how easy it is to update and not worry about the order of items. I’m also appreciating that I don’t have to write around the rings. It’s a small detail, but one worth noting. Maybe that means when new Flex notebooks come out, I should look at them. Now…off to finish a few more things before my daughter returns home from school.





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