Bullet Journal Experiment (and a Finance Filo Question!)

So many people had been posting about the bullet journal method that I decided to give it a go. After all, new year…why not? I’ve been having difficulty wrangling my to-dos and events into my agenda. I’ve been adding a page in between the two halves of the weekly layout, but maybe the bullet journal would work as well or better. If it doesn’t work out, I can revisit my Filofax agenda. This system doesn’t require hours of set-up for a method that might not end up working for me (one reason I am not trying the life-map approach right now). There are several appealing features, but the simplicity of the bullet journal requires less initial start-up effort.

If for some reason you haven’t seen the bullet journal video that started it all, the system is explained quite clearly by Ryder Carroll.

I’ve been using this system for a week. So far, VERY helpful. Here’s a photo of yesterday’s entry. In the margin, I tried to add an approximate time frame for completion (M = morning, A = afternoon, P = Evening). That’s not essential to the system — and yesterday was the first day I tried that — but yesterday I was a bit ridiculous about what I could accomplish. I needed to have a sense of how the day would unfold.

bullet journal


It’s a little weird putting this on here, because there are some funny items on yesterday’s list. Two items, for instance, refer to prepping items for training our dog (“Prep Kongs” and “Prep hot dogs”). We’re working intensely on training Scout to get over his fear of the crate, and it’s easier if I prep the food-stuffed “Kong” toys and diced hot dogs for the whole week. Yesterday, I even put a reminder list about what I needed to remember for the kids (school projects, cleaning the kitty litter, etc.). I called it my “nag” list…in jest for me, though my kids found it more accurate than humorous.

Now for a question…

You may also notice that I included a note to set up my Finance Filo. I will be posting about that once I’m using it fully. I’m using my A5 Holborn Zip in Wine, and I’m really excited to A) put my Holborn to good use and B) have a portable bill-paying system. I’ve looked at a few posts from other Filo/paper planner bloggers, but if you have a favorite post or set-up you’d recommend, I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments! I’m especially interested in hearing how people track their spending on debit/credit cards and cash. Checks and electronic bill pay are easy for me to track because I’m seated at my desk. It’s the “on-the-go” items that I struggle to track.


5 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Experiment (and a Finance Filo Question!)

    1. Mary Post author

      Thank you for the link! I’m very excited about setting up my Finance Filo. I’m giving myself about a week more before I fully get it up and running, so I appreciate hearing what works for you.

      As for the bullet journal, I’m really optimistic that it will work for me. It’s very flexible and intuitive. One of my frustrations with the Filofax and other agenda pages is how constrained I feel by “boxes.” I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

  1. Mppaul271

    Love your journal. Never thought about adding times in bullet format. A Bowl full of lemons has several filofax setup posts and her budget filofax setup is the basis for mine. I use the calendar on two pages tabbed and that is the heart of my system. Cannot believe I had not done this sooner. But read her post to get the complete effect.


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