Apartment Therapy’s January Home Cure: My Project List

Back in December, I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s January Home Cure. It’s a month of tasks to improve your home…both in terms of function and beauty. I did this about a year ago, and I was very pleased with the results. While I didn’t follow it to the letter, it offered a very simple way of tackling nagging tasks around the home. This feels more manageable than a big resolution like organizing the entire house, and it often triggers other projects as a “bonus.”

This morning, I received my first assignment via e-mail. I wrote out all possible projects for the month and completed Day One (“Create a Project List”). To get started, I used the Filofax “Home” section I created last year. After I listed everything I would like to do to make this my “dream” home, I looked at what was both reasonable and affordable at this time. My personal goal is not to just buy or remodel, but to repurpose, declutter, and organize. The e-mail assignment said to identify 3-5 items per room at a maximum.

Here is my final list. Anything that costs money will be marked in bold violet. I’ll be coming back  to this post to mark off items as I complete them:

Master Bedroom

  1. Clear corners by both our sides of the bed.
  2. Purge my closet, asking myself the question, “Would I buy this today?” This is where I will try to be a bit harsh. I have a friend who has asked for clothes I don’t need…she has a sister in need, and so this is a good incentive to purge. 
  3. Clean and organize Brian’s closet. Actually, he’ll do the clothes purge, but there are two shelves that hold a few things that don’t make sense to keep in his closet, like an old stereo system that no one will use.

Master Bath

  1. Replace rusty shower rod (Why exactly do people make shower rods that CAN rust?)
  2. Throw out old cosmetics. Wipe down drawers.
  3. Clean the cabinet under the sink.

Family Room

  1. Purge entertainment cabinet of board games we no longer play.
  2. Purge the cabinet of DVDs our children have outgrown.
  3. Choose a blanket to cover the holes worn into the sofa by our dog. This was the result of a well-intentioned child and spouse letting our then-puppy snuggle on the couch. Now that Scout weighs 80 pounds (36.2 kilos), his claws have worn two patches. While we will eventually replace the sofa, we can’t afford one right now, so we need a temporary fix for when company comes. 

Kitchen and Dining Nook

  1. Declutter the cabinets. Since we recently purchased a few small appliances such as a blender and crockpot, I need to revisit what we use and where to keep it.
  2. Call the flooring company to repair the edging for where our laminate flooring hits the tile. It is a safety hazard. This is more dog-related damage. 
  3. [I’m stopping at two here, because the cabinets will be a big job.]


  1. Purge files
  2. File papers on my desk.
  3. Organize the closet and set aside any electronic waste. 

My Son’s Room

  1. Order new blinds to replace the ones he broke last year
  2. Talk with Kevin about how he’d like to decorate/arrange his room.
  3. Box books up for Sophia. My children are five years apart, so there are several that she’ll enjoy eventually. The rest will go in the donation box for our library.
  4. Make sure all the pants and shoes he has outgrown are donated, rather than taking up space in his closet or dresser. I feel like we just did this, but he’s fourteen and growing like a weed.

My Daughter’s Room

  1. Clean her bookshelf. Set aside books to donate.
  2. Purge clothes. Since she has grown AND she has received clothes this Christmas, we are overdue.
  3. Get 2 IKEA dressers. Right now, we use bins and cubbies in a 4×4 IKEA Expedit shelf in her closet to store her clothes. The top rows of cubbies store books and the bottom two hold clothes. Time to get her real dressers, but nothing too “precious” (read: expensive).
  4. Bring out a bookshelf from the garage. Repaint if necessary.
  5. Carefully look at toys now that we are “post-Christmas” and decide if there is a place for everything or whether Sophia is willing to part with some.

Living Room

  1. Purge my bookshelf.
  2. Clear out unnecessary blankets. I just realized that we are a family of blanket hoarders. Our blanket per family member ratio is way out of whack 😉 One of these might best be repurposed for covering the couch in the family room.
  3. Use an old vinyl placemat to place under the cats’ water dispenser.
  4. Purge DVDs. Box any that we still want to keep and transfer them to the entertainment unit in the family room.
  5. Get rid of DVD cabinet.

Entry Hall

  1. Clean top drawer of the entry cabinet.
  2. Purge the closet of unnecessary items.
  3. Purge extra games and puzzles in the entry cabinet.
  4. Purge old shoes from the bench cubbies.
  5. Clear expired notices off bulletin board.

Kids’/Guest Bathroom [done with the kids]

  1. Reorganize the medicine cabinet.
  2. Clean underneath the sinks.
  3. Clear out the drawers.

As I begin, I have decided that I won’t beat myself up if I can’t get 100% accomplished this month. Any task completed is an accomplishment, as far as I’m concerned. I think, for the month of January, I will put an abbreviated form of this list in the front of my Filofax, right behind my clear flyleaf. At the end of the month, if there are still tasks I’d like to accomplish, I’ll revisit the list and schedule whatever I want to accomplish in future months.



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