A NON-Filo Post on Organization – The “Plan to Eat” Menu Planner

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, our son’s health issues prompted our family to attempt eliminating gluten and dairy from our diets. It’s still too early to say whether this will be effective, but it took a lot of energy to track down meals that would work for our family. I decided to try the 30-day free trial of Plan to Eat, a menu planning website. Since I was starting from scratch, I have only entered recipes that are gluten and dairy free.

Many of the people who use paper planners like organization tips/planning tips in general, so I thought I’d share my experience with a new way of planning our family’s meals. You don’t need to be trying a special diet to make use of this site. Anyone can benefit from meal planning.

I love this site! Its drag-and-drop menu planner is fabulous! I appreciate the ability to create custom grocery lists (including adding/removing additional ingredients and selecting the time frame) and quickly import recipes from websites. I’ve been using this for over two weeks, and I will be subscribing. The “cooking view” for individual recipes was an unexpected bonus, and the tags for recipes are a lovely feature. Sometimes the web importer has difficulty, but it’s a relatively simple process to correct using copy and paste. Because I don’t want to violate author’s copyrights, I mark recipes as “private” when I transfer them from a cookbook I own.

If you’re looking for a good menu planner that is digital rather than in your paper system, you may want to check out Plan to Eat. The video on their site gives a good overview of the features.

*Edited to add: Just used it again to do my weekly shopping…and I was surprised to realize that I can assign different items on my lists to different stores (e.g., Trader Joe’s, Costco, etc.). What a cool feature!

*Note: I am not affiliated with the folks at Plan to Eat, other than as a new user…and I was not asked to post about the site or compensated in any way.


One thought on “A NON-Filo Post on Organization – The “Plan to Eat” Menu Planner

  1. homemakersdaily

    Thanks for the review. It’s always good to know about programs like this. You never know when you might need it.


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