One Last Attempt with the Personal Filofax – Updated

As I like to say, “I’m an A5 girl all the way.” I tried the Personal size twice. The first Filofax I purchased was a Panama on clearance at a stationary store in SoCal. I love the cotton cream, but the Panama was too precious to carry around. The size is too restrictive when I use my calendar to track my family’s schedule. In fact, I have been using a separate monthly calendar for a while now. Even the A5 gets crowded when I track my family’s activities and appointments along with my work. The separate calendar works nicely in conjunction with my A5 because when I don’t feel like hauling my A5 to a particular event, I can just bring the monthly calendar…and if I want to bring both, it doesn’t make it too bulky.

However, I have been tempted by the cotton cream lately. Since my A5 is a reference binder in many ways, I could use it more as a desk planner if I wanted. I decided to give the Personal size one more try. Maybe if I use a piece of notepaper in between the first and second half of my week on 2 pages, I could fit in “to-dos” that I like to see.

Here was my attempt:

My monthly calendar and Panama Personal

My monthly calendar and Panama Personal. I color code my family calendar: Purple for me, blue for my daughter, green for my son, and pink for family as a whole. I also use orange if I need to note anything special about my husband’s schedule, but I only do this if it impacts our plans as a family (e.g., an out-of-town conference or evening school board meeting).

I added only events and time-specific to-dos on the weekly pages, while other to-dos went on the notepaper. I used my monthly calendar to pull events, but I only included kids’ events if they affected my schedule or were particularly noteworthy.

I’m not sure I am comfortable with this layout, but I’m going to try it for two weeks to see if it grows on me. The paper is definitely appealing. I still feel restricted by the box size, especially given writing near the rings. I will transfer it over to my other Personal Filofax, however, which is the more practical Orchid Aston. I can see the advantage of being able to carry the personal around, and I would continue with my separate monthly calendar.

We’ll see…


7 thoughts on “One Last Attempt with the Personal Filofax – Updated

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  2. Inna

    Hello! Although this post was written a while ago – can you please let me know if overall Panama is worth it. I’m thinking of tracking one down (I believe this planner is discontinued) and would like to know the pros and the cons. Thank you.

    1. Mary Post author

      Sorry. Just saw this. I loved the look of the Panama interior…so luxurious. I also enjoyed the gold rings. The cover is gorgeous, but it seemed a bit delicate (scratches would not look good with such a sleek texture). The clasp also comes out a bit far, and it occasionally caught on other items. I think it was the most elegant FF in my collection, but it wasn’t a great fit for the way I use my planners. I needed something that was more durable and would age well.


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