Kid Favorites – Fruits and Veggies (and a few legumes for good measure)

As our family prepares to alter our diet, I am seeking input from the kids about which fruits and vegetables they want with their meals. It will be a big adjustment to cut out dairy and gluten for a few weeks, so I’m trying to make our meals as appealing as possible. You may not be trying to make any adjustments to your diet, but if you have children, it might be nice to keep in your meal-planning section so that you have a variety of healthy options at a glance. Heck, maybe you don’t have kids, but you want to generate a list for yourself! Healthier eating is a frequent New Year’s resolution. No matter the case, it may make grocery lists easier to generate.

Last night, I sat down with my son and asked him to rate fruits and vegetables on a scale of 0-3 (0 being “don’t even bother trying to make me eat it” and 3 meaning it’s a favorite). Fruits and Veggies

From there, I transferred any items that weren’t zeros onto A5 grid paper. I marked my son’s favorites with a star. This morning, I ran through that list with my daughter, and made notes, marking any of her favorites with a blue star. There are also a few notes for me to consider in the space below. Now I know what’s fallen out of favor (tangerines used to be our “go-to” snack, but they’ve become less of a treat) and what will be devoured in their lunch boxes. I also discovered that my daughter seems more enthusiastic about fruits and vegetables in general (note the prevalence of blue stars!). That, or my son is a tougher grader. Most of the items on this list he rated as twos.

I realize that some parents feel their children should eat whatever is served, but we’re trying to be mindful as we ask the kids to give up some beloved foods (even if temporarily). As I type this, however, I realized I omitted cucumber. I may also go in and add a few foods that Kevin turns his nose up to, but that Sophia likes (e.g., cantaloupe). You’ll also notice the lack of leafy greens, but I’m planning to ease them into that 🙂

This section of my Filofax is serving me well as I make some big changes in our house. I’m considering making my Holborn A5 zip a temporary home for dietary stuff as I do more research and food testing. Meal plans, favorite new recipes, and more…I’ll see how much I end up writing.


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